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Family Christmas Eve and Christmas Traditions

As realtors, we get to meet so many people from all walks of life. As we get to know our clients, we hear all sorts of great holiday traditions. As a fun way to share all the wonderful ideas and traditions we’ve heard, we’ve put together a list of Christmas traditions for you to try out with your family! These traditions include Christmas Eve meals, Christmas Morning Breakfast, and Christmas and Christmas Eve activities to try as a family! Christmas

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Elevated Thanksgiving Menu Ideas and Recipes

While we are real estate agents -not chefs with fantastic food blogs- that doesn’t mean that both Robin and I don’t love to cook! Or simply just love great food. I think when you live in Tucson, the first City of Gastronomy and unlikely foodie nation, you have no choice but to learn to love quality dishes that remind you of the foods you love with a new and exciting twist. That love for our cities’ food culture has translated

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Tucson Real Estate Statistics – October 2019

Let’s take a look back at October to evaluate current real estate trends in Tucson!   As we start to progress into Fall and Winter in Tucson, notoriously slower months on the real estate market, we note that while inventory is down, mortgage rates are historically low and will help buyers with the affordability to secure their dream home.   Consider that the average price a single-family home rental is $1,471 but the average mortgage price for a home $250,000

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August MLS Stats TUCSON
Tucson MLS Statistics – August 2019

The Tucson Association of Realtors has released the statistics from the August 2019 Tucson housing market. While the numbers are interesting to look at, it’s more of what the numbers are telling us that we find interesting.   August Temps Soar – The Tucson Housing Market Remains Hot  While we traditionally see a spike in housing sales during the summer months, we expect the sales to taper off by August as the heat can be too much for some to

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Oro Valley Statistics Snapshot
Oro Valley MLS Statistics – September 2019

Oro Valley MLS Statistics – September 2019: The Overlook     The Breakdown: In August of 2019, Oro Valley experienced more homes with a median sold price close to listing price than has been the case over the past few months.     Why is this? As summer comes to an end, there is a lower inventory of homes, particularly as compared to what we saw in the market during January 2019 – the highest peak of home inventory for

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The University of Arizona Parent Guide to Make Money Sending Your Child to College

The University of Arizona Parent Guide to Make Money Sending Your Child to College College. The word can send shivers through any parents bank account. With 4 long years of heavy expenses, it’s no wonder that many parents and students end up with large student loan expenses. But what if sending your child to college also provided you with a way to limit these costs by making you extra money? Around the University of Arizona, anyone can tell you the

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Tucson MLS Statistics May 2019

It’s that time again! When the Tucson Association of Realtors releases the stats for the month prior. So what do the statistics for the Tucson real estate market in May 2019 mean? It’s A Seller’s Market – Is Your Home Ready to Sell? Tucson Association of Realtors statistics are showing the market for home sellers growing stronger month to month! Now is a great time to consider listing your home. Average prices are rising and days on market are reducing.

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